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Sunday, 11 September 2016

FO update - Grandmother's Flower Garden Shawl & Antler Cardigans

So the summer has been fairly busy for me - I've done loads of knitting and cast on quite a few projects but I wanted to share a few FOs that I have finished recently.

Firstly, I did another test knit for Clothes Line Designs (quiltercaroline on ravelry). She is designing a trio of shawls. The first design was the Veggie Garden shawl which I blogged about in the last post here and this test knit was the second in the series. The pattern comes with a 2 colour version and a single colour version (which I made) so it's good value for money. The single colour shawl uses just 100g of fingering weight yarn and I used the other colour of Artesano Alpaca silk that I  bought at Wonderwool to make it. The colour is called foxglove and it's a beautiful pink/purple colour. The pattern was a bit more mindful than the Veggie Garden Shawl with the changing lace sections and so you have to be a bit more mindful, but it was still a really enjoyable knit. It was also a very quick knit - I finished mine in just 3 and a half weeks.

This shawl is available until tomorrow (September 12th) with a discount so download the pattern from ravelry here. After that that the price will increase but it's still very reasonable. All the Clothesline Designs patterns are clearly written & charted and give clear stitch counts at the end of each sections. I can highly recommend them. 

The third pattern in the series is just being test knit now and it's another beauty. I'm test knitting again so watch this space.

Also this year, I have made 2 Antler Cardigans. The first was for my niece who is almost 2 in red, which I know is a colour that she really likes. I looked through my stash and discovered that I had quite a lot of red aran acrylic yarn which is best for my sister so she can easily throw them in the washing machine. I had the idea to try a cardigan with a different type of construction. The way that I learnt was from commercial patterns and therefore this meant mostly knitted flat and in pieces that after knitting would then need to be sewn together. I don’t really like sewing together much, do you? Having tried a Tin Can Knits pattern earlier this year when I made the Barley hat, I was inspired to make one of their cardigan designs. The patterns from Tin Can Knits are great because they go from baby sizes right through to large adult sizes. So that would mean I could get the pattern, try it on my niece and then if I really liked it I could potentially use it for me in the future.
I chose the Antler cardigan which is seamless in construction and worked from the bottom up. It has a beautiful cabled yoke. Tin Can Knits patterns also have excellent tutorials which meant I was encouraged to give it a go.

 The pattern seemed to fly off the needles! I knit it on the recommended needle size and the body is knit back & forth in one piece and the sleeves are knit in the round and then joined in. The only change that I made was that instead of knitting on dpns I knitted the sleeves in magic loop. I also looked through my selection of buttons and found I had some beautiful flower buttons that looked lovely when I sewed them on. I got them from Textile Garden when we went to the Yarn in The City Market Place last year. I’m really pleased with how it turned out and I liked the construction and the way it needed hardly any finishing. 

This one was age 1-2 years as it was for my youngest niece. Her sister who is almost 5 saw the cardigan and asked who it was for. When I told her it was for her sister she looked disappointed and she said, “But I like red!” It’s a good job I had quite a bit of this yarn. I decided to do one exactly the same. With hind sight that was perhaps not the best thing for my knitting mojo. Is there such a thing as second sock syndrome but for garments? However, I have finally finished it and it fits and she likes it. Perhaps next time I will change the pattern if she wants one the same colour!