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Friday, 8 April 2016

FO Friday, stash acquisition & trip update

Hello! Happy Friday!

Finally after some time neglecting my knitting, my blog & you (sorry about that) I have finally finished something - yippee! Life outside of knitting has been pretty hectic with a lot going on to occupy both my time & my mind...I'm making some changes and hopefully all will settle down. In reflection of my busy mind my knitting has been hectic & unsettled too. I have loads of projects on the needles and I have been flitting from one new thing to the next getting nothing done. Do you ever get like that?

A couple of weeks ago we went out to visit my hubby's family in Portugal and that gave me the time to stop and reflect. Also with limited baggage space I only took one project so it forced me to focus and focus I did! I took a baby cardigan I have been making for my hubby's boss's new arrival. Well I say new but the baby arrived last November. My hubby only asked me to make something around new year so it's taken a while but I made size 6-9 months so hopefully it will be ok. It's a pattern from King Cole that I've used several times and is called "Girl's 4ply Coat" and I made it in baby 4ply from Tricots Brancal in Portugal. Very pretty but being quite plain I did get a bit bogged down this time. Perhaps it was because it was a bigger baby size but in 4ply, perhaps it was because it was mainly stocking stitch. It looks good though, I'm pleased with it.

Also while in Portugal we made a trip within a trip and visited Serra da Estrela. I was surprised to find it very snowy at the top (not sure why I was surprised!) The region has a lot of industry around the sheep. The regional cheese is made from sheep's milk and in the past there was a great history of wool spinning and fabric making in factories in Covilhã on one side of the mountain. We visited a cheese museum in Peraboa (which makes the same cheese under a different name due to DOP regulations) which described how they make cheese and had tasting (yummy!) We also went to the wool museum in Covilhã. I took loads of photos of the wool museum so I'll save that for another post but on the way between the two museums we happened upon these sheep crossing the road! Very topical!

I was surprised that there wasn't much option to buy local wool there. I had assumed with a history rich in this area that there would be yarn to buy. However, being quite busy where we were staying we took a diversion later I  the week via Coimbra. It wasn't really on the way back but it was a nice day out visiting the university and of course a yarn shop. I had salivate over a particular Portuguese yarn on Instagram and I was able to pick up some for me and some as gifts. It's called é lã portuguesa and the sport weight here is merino from Alentejo but the thicker qualities I believe contain a blend including the sheep from Serra da Estrela. Very exciting.

I got it very reasonably priced from Bolas de Tons. I was quite restrained and only came out with 6 balls! Two for me and two each for my mum and mother-in-law.  I'll be interested to see how it knits up.

That's all for now, I'll be back soon with pictures of my trip to the wool museum and an update on my many WIPs. Definitely going to try to focus on finishing a few off...


  1. Ooh, your Portuguese yarn look scrummy! What will you make with it?? I'm very much in the 'flitting between projects' stage at the moment, too! :) x

    1. I really don't know what I'm going to make with it - I just saw it and had to get some! Any ideas? x

    2. I really don't know what I'm going to make with it - I just saw it and had to get some! Any ideas? x