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Monday, 4 April 2016

An Interview with Gemma from Rockabella Crafts UK

So now it's April already (the year is flying by!) and I have promised you an interview. So here it is. I spoke to Gemma at Rockabella Crafts UK after she opened her etsy store at the end of last year and she agreed to do this interview. She has just relaunched her podcast which you can find here and created a new Ravelry group. Here's what she had to say!

Photo kindly supplied by Gemma at RockabellaCraftsUK
Hello Gemma! It’s great to speak to you. I guess where I want to start is to ask how you got into knitting & crafting?

Hello Gill! Well, it all began with my nan, she was a very talented knitter and I used to sit next to her as she created the most wonderful cardigans and sweaters for the family. She taught me how to knit and hand sew, I spent hours looking through her sewing box at all the beautiful buttons she had. I have always been quite creative but I picked up knitting again about 6 years ago, from there I learnt how to crochet, machine sew and spin, there are so many wonderful crafts to explore, but knitting will always be my got to craft!

What was your first knitted project?

The first 'thing' I knitted was a scarf for my teddy in garter stitch, when I was about 6 years old. When I picked up the needles again a few years ago, the first item I knitted was a simple preemie hat for charity.

Photo kindly supplied by Gemma at RockabellaCraftsUK

What have you currently got on the needles?

Quite a few projects, and not ashamed to admit it! The biggest project I have on the needles right now is my sock yarn blanket. I've been participating in swaps this year, and have met some lovely people as well as beings let's add little squares to the blanket! I've also got some socks and a cardigan on the needles too, I love having different projects the needles.

What is your favourite yarn to use?

That's a tough one, I have a major soft spot for merino and nylon blends but I must say, if I'm doing a late project which calls for a lot of yardage I always choose Stylecraft, even though it's acrylic it is very soft yet hard wearing, and most importantly, affordable. My favourite fibre right now is Vegan Faux Cashmere by Spin City UK, the only way I can describe how it feels is by saying it feels like clouds. It truly is the softest thing I have ever laid my hands on, I absolutely adore it!

I really enjoy watching the podcast – what made you start podcasting?

Thank you! I love podcasts, the whole knitting and crafting community is such a wonderful one to be involved in, people are so helpful and kind. I find it quite therapeutic chatting about crafting and knitting in my podcasts, it's a good way to get all your thoughts. Although I don't podcast regularly, I really enjoy it and have met some incredibly talented people along the way.

Photo kindly supplied by Gemma at RockabellaCraftsUK
So, you’ve just opened your etsy shop and I’ve already made a project bag purchase (thanks for the enabling!) – can you tell me what other treats you have on offer?

I'm glad you liked it! I have lots of stitch markers and progress keepers available, I love having different charms for each project, it just adds a little bit of extra fun to it. They have been very popular and I always include them in my swaps too. Also available are some notions pouches and needle felted brooches.

Photo kindly supplied by Gemma at RockabellaCraftsUK
Do you have any other exciting crafty plans for the future?

Absolutely! There is always something I want to try! My husband bought me a spinning wheel for my birthday, so I have been doing lots of spinning lately, I started with a drop spindle but felt the need for a wheel, it's so relaxing. I also want to start dyeing my own fibre and yarn. I attended a hand dyeing workshop at the Bristol Wool Fair this year and it was so much fun, so would love to do more and even get some into my Etsy shop too to share. I go to a craft group every week and we get to try new crafts and techniques if we wish to, as well as drink tea and have a giggle, so I'm always trying new things.

Thanks Gemma, it was great speaking to you!

So go and check out Gemma's shop - I have bought a lovely project bag from her but she has a large range of stitch markers, some jewellery & even some hand dyed yarn.

I'll be back soon with a WIP update and an FO...finally!

Happy knitting!

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