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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Christmas knits revealed and a round up of 2015

Finally after the madness of Christmas and New Year and all that entails, I finally have a moment to post here. I had been knitting a couple of secret knitting projects in the lead up to Christmas and here they are.

My brother-in-law had been asking me for a while for a scarf in his football team's colours, the green and white of Sporting Lisbon. So I bought some chunky yarn from Lion Brand (Hometown USA in New York White and Green Bay) and I didn't really follow at pattern - I just cast on some stitches, did a 2x2 rib and then changed colours when when I thought the stripes were wide enough. I bought 2 balls of each colour and just kept knitting until I ran out of yarn. I also failed to take a photo of the FO before I gifted it, so I just have a progress shot.

I also made this beautiful Hitchhiker (Martina Behm) for a friend. It was hard not to keep it when it was finished because I love the effect of this yarn and how it came out! It was Pinocchio yarn from Tricots brancal

Finally I embarked on something new. I had never knit anything in the round. There I've said it! Probably there are loads of you out there gasping in horror. I've been knitting for almost 7 years now, I've made a jacket for my hubby, loads of shawls/cowls/scarves,  baby cardigans & jumpers, hats, blankets and toys. I even made my wedding bouquet. But I made them all flat and seamed them. It's the way I learnt and I can't remember my mum or grandparents ever knitting in the round. I've knit on circulars for shawls & dpns for Icords (which I'm not counting as circular knitting here) but never taken the plunge. Finally, I decided I really wanted to make the Miss Gelato Giraffe pattern from Kay Jones of the Bakery Bears Podcast for my Niece. Kay did a short tutorial for magic loop knitting in the round on the podcast in episode 3 and I watched it a few times and then made one! I was so pleased with the result and there was much less sewing up than on other toys I have made. I loved making it. I used Cascade 220 superwash paints in jellybean colourway for the main part of the giraffe and Cascade 220 superwash in lemon for the hands, feet, nose etc. I then used leftover yarn from making the Spirographical shawl I made for the CFTC make along to make the jacket.

I also had a chance over the Christmas break to make some little moccasins for a friends' baby. Quite cute, but they weren't quite as good as I hoped. You win some you, lose some and my friends were pleased so that is what's important. It went well with the Borderline blanket I made them earlier in the year.

Thanks to everyone who has read my musings since I started the blog back in April. It was quite a year from a crafting viewpoint with lots of learning and enabling! I started my blog, went to Wonderwool and the Yarn in the City Pop-up marketplace, took part in some KALs and some swaps, knitted some shawls, learnt to crochet and to dye yarn and learnt to knit in the round. Here's my year in round up from Instagram:


Hope you had a good year too and I wish you all the best for a happy and healthy 2016!